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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 152 with English Subtitle


Summary of Kurulus Osman Episode 152

In Episode 152, Osman Sahib returns to the palace, highlighting the importance of prioritizing the righteous cause over personal matters. He warns of upcoming challenges and the rise of adversaries, emphasizing the need to safeguard the people and maintain trust within the Kayi tribe. The focus shifts to Gandoz Bey’s imprisonment, prompting Osman Sahib to rally support for his release.

Addressing the cunning Tajuddin Nowyan, Osman Sahib strategically places Jail Kutahi to counter potential threats. Despite the joyous atmosphere in the palace, Osman Sahib remains vigilant. Learning of the fake Tajuddin Nowyan’s imprisonment, he urgently gathers the court, seeking Gandoz Bey’s release and highlighting the tribe’s credibility at stake.

As Osman Sahib navigates political intricacies, viewers witness a strategic play unfolding, setting the stage for the challenges ahead in the dynamic world of Kurulus Osman.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 152 English Subtitle

I am alright here. Besides, you are getting married. For our righteous cause, for the future of our tribes. From now on, you will first think about the righteous cause, then each other. From now on, you will have more enemies than you have friends, and your wisdom will protect your hours first, then your people. Come on then. We are leaving, Gundu Bey. Take care. I swear that I will rise. I will die here; however, you will lose. Shahada Oran will get married. Two Kayi tribes. That’s right. I am not the one who should be scared. Osman is. Now listen carefully. When the Crusader army crosses Osman’s lands and reaches Konya.

Kurulus Osman Episode 152

Then the scene changes, and we see that Osman Sahib returns to his palace. Everyone is very happy to see him, so Osman Sahib asks where is the fake Tajuddin Nowyan, to which Melik Khan informs him that he is imprisoned. Viewers, then Osman Sahib comes to his court and gathers everyone there. Osman Sahib says that Gandoz Bey is from the Kayi tribe, so if anyone takes him away from us, no one will believe us, so we have to get him released from the captivity of this tyrant.

Osman Sahib also says that Tajuddin Nowyan is a very cunning and clever person. He is hiding behind his iron hand; he will surely use someone who hates me very much, and the first person in his heart is the son of Jacob Bey, Muhammad. But Osman Sahib says that I left Jail Kutahi there for this reason only.

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