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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 151 with English Subtitle


Kurulus Osman Episode 151 Summary

In the upcoming episode number 151 of Kurulus Osman Season 5, we will discuss the trailer. In today’s video, I will inform you about what is going to happen in the upcoming episode, i.e., episode 151, and along with that, I will also give you a review of the previous episode number 151. Viewers, it is essential to watch the video until the end, and before starting the video, I request that if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, please subscribe immediately so that you can be the first to receive every new video from me. So let’s get started.

Viewers, as we saw in the end of episode number 151, Osman Sahib suddenly leaves for a tribe, but when he reaches the tribe, he encounters the real Tajuddin Nowyan. He tells Osman that he was waiting for him, knowing that Osman would come here. Upon hearing this, Osman Sahib is astonished, and the beginning of episode number 151 also starts from there.

Viewers, the interesting thing in this episode is that whoever has appeared as an enemy in front of Osman Sahib until now, he has not let them go, and as we saw in the beginning of episode number 151 and 151, Tajuddin Nowyan tried hard to instill fear and anxiety in Osman Bey’s heart and also displayed his arrogance. But Osman Sahib showed him in this episode what he truly is.

On the other hand, Alauddin Bey and Bala Hatun recognize the fake Tajuddin Nowyan and ask him who he is, upon which he tells them everything out of fear of death, and then Alauddin Bey imprisons him with his soldiers and says if anything happens to my father, I will slit all of your throats.

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Source 1

Kurulus Osman Episode 151 in English Subtitle

Then the scene changes, and we see that Osman Sahib returns to his palace, everyone is very happy to see him, so Osman Sahib asks where is the fake Tajuddin Nowyan, to which Melik Khan informs him that he is imprisoned. Viewers, then Osman Sahib come to his court and gather everyone there. Osman Sahib says that Gandoz Bey is from the Kayi tribe, so if anyone takes him away from us, no one will believe us, so we have to get him released from the captivity of this tyrant.

And Osman Sahib also says that Tajuddin Nowyan is a very cunning and clever person he is hiding behind his iron hand; he will surely use someone who hates me very much, and the first person in his heart is the son of Jacob Bey, Muhammad, but Osman Sahib says that I left Jail Kutahi there for this reason only; he will keep an eye on him at every step, and Tajuddin Nowyan wants to obtain everything from us without giving anything, but I will teach him a very good lesson.

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